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Discovering new paths of passion, of sharing, awaken your emotions, give birth to new memories, stamping pictures in your mind, welcoming a light, gazing at the skyline, falling into the sun, we cannot do that instead of you but we can help you to find the way…


This is the mission of The Majord'Home !


Huge historic heritage, rich and crowded night life, wonderful gastronomy to be discovered, extremely dynamic artistic life...more and more of you want to know about the amazing Porto which has been recognized by UNESCO as « outstanding universal value » !


You must be able to immerse yourself without constraints in its very special atmosphere, future buyers must be able to invest in complete peace of mind in this protected tourist growth area.


The Majord’Home offers services to national or international owners who wish to use their property commercially but also to tourists and travelers who want to visit Portugal in perfect serenity.


Together, let's shine this awesome city ! Portugal without Porto would not have the same brilliance, Portugal without Porto would not have its identity !



Conciergerie services for professionals and individuals



Management of real estate for tourism and advice in increasing profitability



Organization of private or professional events


Banque et Assurance

Owners services

Our dedicated range of services to owners enhances the rental attractiveness of your accommodations and allows you to maximize your occupancy rate… Our tailor made services guarantee a unique experience to your international customers and guests.


Reception of travelers and keys delivery : we welcome your guests and take care of their special needs during their stay because your guests are also ours.


Preparation and maintenance of the rental property : we prepare the living spaces for a comfortable stay and restful sleep for your guests. We assure the maintenance of premises during the stay by carrying out any needed interventions.


Offering advice for increasing profitability : we can take care of the decoration and the photos of your property which appear on the web site, as well as creation and description of your rental property to increase visibility and interest.


Global rental property management : we take care of everything for you and you receive the agreed guaranteed income every month.


Administrative support, allocation of the NIF and the NRH status : we assist you in your administrative procedures to facilitate and accelerate your relations with the Portuguese tax authorities.


Our dedicated services for owners enhance the rental attractiveness of your accommodation

Système d'information

Travellers services

When you arrive in an unknown country and culture, the risk is to spend too much time looking at the city map or surfing on the internet without any certitude of finding out the best addresses. So, do not hesitate, feel free to contact us : The Majord'Home is here for you, The Majord'Home takes care of you...


Your centers of interest, the reasons of your visit, your budget will allow us to suggest the best of Porto for you :



Selection of high-end accommodations



Perfect knowledge of the city and its suburban neighborhoods insuring "off the beaten track" services



Multilingual local Agents



Highly trained luxury hotel professionals to welcome you



Customization of your stay without constraint to answer all of your needs and 100% coverage on request



Availability and reactivity 24/7


For a peaceful stay,
The Majord'Home takes care of you !


About us

This is the story of 3 friends who are ready to share with you some of the secrets. Those that have made Porto one of UNESCO’s heritages sites.

Ruis had several lives, history teacher, restaurant and cabaret and luxury hotel manager. He is not afraid of contrasts, his passions go from Fado to electronic music or to contemporary art. However, it is mainly the spirit of Porto he holds closest to his heart which he will invite you to discover with his natural dedication. Here is our General Manager.

Cécile fan of graphic novels, English pop music and street art, she look concerned in environmental protection, she met international tourism in famous theaters and became a specialist of events organization, thus she is our Event and Marketing Manager.

Sylvain keen on "bistronomy", travels and electronic music has abandoned his electric bass for the benefit of machines. He is also an expert in conducting large projects in the insurance field, that’s why he obviously is our IT & Digital Manager.





Ponte Luis



Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our services for professionals and individuals as well as our tailor-made packages.





Do not hesitate to contact directly Ruis - our MajordHome dedicated agent - for detailed information about Porto and its neighborhood, for properties selections as well as for any partnership request.